Enlightened Ed.

Definition of enlightened




1freed from ignorance and misinformation  * an enlightened people  * an enlightened time
2based on full comprehension of the problems involved   *issued an enlightened ruling
After the most recent school shooting event, it should become very apparent that our societal system is broken. As educators, parents, professionals or students, we must look at the facts that we do know for certain and question those that we do not. Those who have failed our children, should be held accountable.
We must take into consideration that there are six corporate conglomerate media outlets controlling the narrative using the same talking points. It is time to free yourself from misinformation.  Research the Sandy Hook shooting that occurred in 2012 and compare the known facts to the recent Stoneham Douglas event. The evidence becomes quite apparent as to how similar they are in comparison.
Questions to consider: Why were government officials training school staff prior to each of these events for active shooter drills? How is it possible that both local police forces stood down and did not immediately apprehend the suspect? Doesn’t it seem peculiar that both incidents we leaked to the public, prior to the events occurring? In the wake of both tragedies, does it arose your curiosity as to why survivors performed for large audiences? Possibly… to continue the gun control agenda and debate? Why would the main stream media censor and threaten those who share information different from their own?
 Constitutional Rights are in jeopardy. Our children and the nation deserve TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY. Please use your own discernment and discover what is true for YOU.  Look at all the evidence, discover all the facts and question what we do not know for certain.
crit·i·cal think·ing
  1. the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.