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My personal recollection of the day: “The school day started like any other. Attendance was taken, lunch money collected and we all stood to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Soon after, our lives were changed forever. Our administrators informed us what had happened in New York, and we were briefed with our school’s next steps to get our students through the day safely, call family if necessary and hold those impacted in our hearts.” That holiday season I created S.H.A.R.E. ( Students Helping Another Receive Encouragement). All the students in the school created holiday cards that were sent to children and family of the victims.

Thousands of lives were lost that day and many more after being exposed to the toxic debris.We will always carry those lost on that day, and will forever remember the unity we shared with others.

Evidence was being removed on the same day the towers came down in New York. The 9-11 Commission to this day has not provided sufficient evidence to prove the story that was told to the global community.

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